What is UNDER-INSURED Motorist?

February 14 2017

So, let’s assume you got into a car accident which was NOT your fault, you then file a claim with the at-fault driver’s car insurance company. In some cases, the at-fault driver’s insurance is enough to cover your damages BUT in other cases the at-fault driver DOESN’T HAVE ENOUGH insurance.

This scenario happens more frequently than you might think as many drivers have only the minimum low liability requirements that don’t offer plenty of coverage in case of a bad accident. The at-fault driver’s insurance will pay for all damages BUT ONLY up to their policy limits. So, who will take care of the difference in the monetary damage from what the at-fault driver DOES have in insurance coverage versus what the accident was really worth?… YOU!!! But only if you purchased UNDERINSURED MOTORIST!!!

Of course, if you didn’t have underinsured motorist you can always sue the other driver afterwards for what that difference which you winded up paying out-of-pocket in physical damage or medical bills, but wouldn’t it be great to have YOUR insurance company take care of the difference immediately after the accident and let THEM deal with the lawsuit stuff?

UNDERINSURED has 2 coverage parts which are bodily injury and property damage. These two parts also consist of limits amounts you purchase. Bodily injury for medical bills you and your passengers have and property damage is used for your car.

So, are you interested in adding this coverage to your auto insurance policy? Sometimes is only a few bucks more than what you might already be paying. Now that you learned what this coverage does, you have to agree that is totally worth it! You could never have too much coverage to protect your family. Don’t wait and give us a call today!