Driving During Rainy Days in California

February 25 2017

It is crazy how much rain fall has slammed California this 2017 year. So much that in the past weeks we saw city streets and home in San Jose literally deeply flooded and is currently on emergency mode residents being evacuated from their homes. On the positive side, we needed this rain as we were in severe drought! But on the down side, this means over cautious driving and unfortunately sometimes car accidents on the road that lead to physical damage to your car. Or unfortunately, bodily injuries that sometimes result in deaths. Overall in the U.S. there are an average of over 5,760,000 car crashes each year! Knowing how to safely drive in the wet pavement is important to every driver. Statistics from Department of Transportation have shown that 73% of accident occur due to wet pavement and 46% during raining days. When is raining, it is unlikely that driving will be enjoyable. But, you can make sure you can handle the rain while driving thus staying safe.

Did those numbers scare you? Want to avoid accidents in the rain? Let’s look at some ways to reduce the risk of having an accident during raining days:

Get Your Car Ready for the Rain

Check all your tires treads before hitting the road. Low tire treads don’t grip the road compared to new or semi-new tires. You might want to do the “penny test” to effectively know where your tires stand. If you can see Lincoln’s head on the penny, you need new tires!…If not, you’re good hit the streets.

Driving in Wet Pavement

Don’t use cruise control, which increases your chance of losing control of the vehicle. Reduce speed by at least 20% and always watch speed limits. Be extra careful in school areas specially before and after class times. Reducing speed limits avoid hydroplaning, which means tires rising up onto a layer of water or lower.

Avoid hard breaking

Some reckless drivers constantly drive hard breaking. But if you are always a cautious driver, reducing speed combined with avoiding hard breaking will give your vehicle a longer opportunity to slow down. Avoid tailgating and if you see another car doing it to you just move to the curve and let it pass. Trust me, rainy days are NOT a good day to prove points or be stubborn. It is a day to be extra cautious for your life and/or you passengers.

Keep Headlights On

Turn on your headlights during the day on a rainy day, but do not use high beams. Keep headlights on so oncoming traffic can see you, but do not blind them with your high beams.

Try to Avoid Driving Through a Flooded Street

If you see a deep body of water growing on the pavement, avoid it and find a way to drive around it. Sometimes, streets that get flooded during the rain have signs that the city puts that read “Flooded during rain”.

Leave extra early

Leaving extra early will help you drive cautious making you concentrate and be less stressed trying to get somewhere on time. It is only common sense that highways and streets will be extra slow on rainy days so don’t complain at heavy traffic and leave extra early.