Learning About Excluded Drivers in Insurance Policies

March 01 2017

Is your number of people in your house growing? It’s important for people with an increasing number of licensed drivers under one roof to realize they have options. We are supposed to name every single driver in our household. Lucky us, if one of those drivers has bad driving reputation, the policyholders have the option to remove and exclude them from their insurance plans, making auto coverage someone else’s problem and responsibility.

If you’re a policyholder interested in excluding people from your policy, then you need to contact your insurance agent. Basically, when you exclude drivers, you are telling the insurance company that this particular person will never be driving your car. Should they get in an accident, then your insurance policy will not protect or cover that driver and your car for that accident.

It’s important to know who you should exclude. For example, persons who show no regard for rules and regulations and could care less what happens to your car or yourself. Also, the brand new 16 year old that might still be a little immature in life and behind the wheel. When you add drivers with no experience to your policy, the rates shoot up. Have those drivers pay their own auto insurance and at same time show them some billing responsibility. After 3 years of driving experience and good driving record, they will start seeing a decline in their rates

Auto insurance exclusions are a serious issue that should be treated as such. You should only exclude drivers with repeated violations like DUI’s, speeding or any other behavior that shows a disregard for the law. You’ll know they are a real risk if they cause you to be subjected to higher rates, thus you having to opt out on some of your existing coverages.

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